Top Speaker about Discipline, Perseverance & Balance

Marc Gassert spent a large part of his life in different cultures on different continents and learned Asian martial arts from renowned grandmasters. Today he holds master degrees (black belts) in Karate, Taekwondo and Shaolin Kung Fu.

Marc Gassert studied Communication Science and Intercultural Communication in Munich and Japanese Studies in Tokyo.

Marc Gassert lecture topics:


Marc Gassert combines Far Eastern teachings with the insights of the Western world in the fields of philosophy, sociology and psychology.

In his lecture he invites you to understand “inner strength” as a tool for goal achievement and personality development – and to awaken the dragon in yourself with the knowledge and methods from both cultures.

  • You will learn about the 7 pillars on which inner strength can be built and how they are culturally and historically related to the three great teachings of Asia (Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism)
  • You will gain multifaceted insights into the philosophy of Shaolin.
  • You will experience the way to inner strength through the power of the dragon
  • You will learn to cope with the increasing demands of our complex world, to manage crises more easily and to remain efficient under high pressure.

This lecture is for all people who want to go through life more confidently, courageously and easily.

“With the power of the dragon you will be able to cope better and better with the increasing demands of our increasingly complex world, manage crises more easily, let personal attacks bounce off you and remain powerful even under high pressure.”


To achieve our goals, we don’t need more strength, knowledge, talent or THE opportunity – what we need is the self-discipline to use what we have.

Marc Gassert analyzes the “TOOLBOX” of self-discipline, makes it accessible to everyone and thus helps to fully realize one’s own potential.

With master degrees in three Asian martial arts, he is the expert on discipline. He illustrates his unbiased view of Asian wisdom in a lively lecture: Full of inspiration. Profound. Exciting. Rich in imagery.

The word “discipline” frightens many people. It sounds like harshness, drill, obedience, compulsion and punishment. Put an end to these negative associations! Because basically discipline is something desirable, great, maybe the most important virtue in your life. Discipline helps us to achieve our goals – be it private or professional.


In China, a generation is growing up that doesn’t know burnout, despite hard work. People there work 16 hours a day, seven days a week – and they don’t get sick! Where does this unusual willingness to perform, this hidden source of energy, the ability to free oneself from stress come from?

The secret of success lies in the ability to bring the perfect balance into one’s life.

Give as much value to relaxing as you do to working AND RELAX PROPERLY!

Marc Gassert explains the working mechanisms of FANGSON (the balance between “exerting” and “letting go”) and offers a transfer to the Western world. Learn how to quick-charge your battery – for more energy in this crazy world of modern high-performance societies.

As a lecturer Marc Gassert offers the transfer of knowledge between Far Eastern and Western culture. With his interactive lectures on courage, discipline and balance, he is a regular guest at the top events of international companies.

Marc Gassert speaks Japanese, Italian, French, Spanish and English in addition to his native German.

“Discipline is a weapon – use it!”