If there is one person who knows about ups and downs, it is the former professional footballer and current commentator, coach, sports mental trainer and lecturer Sebastian Kneissl.

Even at a young age in his life, he wrote a fascinating life story. In 2000, he was celebrated as the promising German football hope. Quote SportBild: “The next Lothar Matthäus.” His move to Chelsea FC at the tender age of 17 caused quite a stir. There he experienced first-hand the rise from a middle-class club in the posh Chelsea neighbourhood to a glamorous top club and Premier League winner.

Sebastian Kneissl Keynote

  • Gamechanger – Self Leadership

How to use self-reflection and evaluation to influence your desired direction, define goals and thus increase performance.

His rousing lecture “Gamechanger ‘Self-Leadership'” is a sprint through the world of motivation, an intensive training for dealing with setbacks and a marathon of solution-oriented thinking. Just like an athlete in competition, you will learn how to mobilise inner reserves to achieve victories. Discover how the right rhetoric can make the difference between a simple attempt and triumphant success. With a team of positive thoughts and concrete solutions, you will be ready to take on any challenge.

During his five years at Chelsea FC, Sebastian Kneissl worked closely with personalities such as Jose Mourinho, Frank Lampard, John Terry and Brendan Rodgers. He not only still uses these valuable experiences and techniques successfully today, but also passes them on in his coaching sessions, workshops and lectures.

His professional career later took Sebastian Kneissl to Scotland, Belgium and Germany before he made the surprising decision to retire from professional football as a player at the age of 24. He loves challenges, so it’s no surprise that, after stops in the furniture industry, as a street worker and individual coach, and after overcoming a burn-out illness, he realised his dream in 2023 – the Champions League final. As an expert on DAZN, Sebastian lives this role to the full.

“After a few setbacks, I have learned how to shape your life not only by yourself but also successfully. This is coaching everyone should experience.”

Away from the cameras, he has impressively established himself as a speaker and expert in the field of “Self-Leadership”. Through various coaching programmes, Sebastian Kneissl helps professional footballers, coaches, referees and entrepreneurs to become true “winfluencers”. He also runs the football school “Bolzplatz-Konzept”, which focuses on individual training with an emphasis on personality development.

Are you curious why he turned down lucrative professional football at the age of 24? Would you like to learn which valuable techniques and secrets Sebastian Kneissl imparts in his lectures and workshops? Or are you interested in understanding in more detail what he means by statements such as “A leader first and foremost leads himself” and “Perform the basics at a consistently high level”?