Top-Moderator & Communication Expert, Founder and CEO aizu communication GmbH

Aileen Zumstein is an experienced presenter who creates exciting and lively discussions on stage with anyone she is talking to or interviewing.

She always conveys the presented content in an authentic and convincing manner to the audience, for the audience is always her main focus. Her winning character ensures that your event will be unforgettable.

Aileen Zumstein has moderated various events, conferences and panel discussions in different languages for almost twenty years.

Apart from these performances, she hosted radio shows for several years and appeared occasionally on television.

She is Founder & CEO of the communications consulting firm aizu Communication GmbH. In addition to her moderating tasks, she advises and assists leaders and companies in all matters of positioning and communications. She is also the author of several specialized articles.

Aileen Zumstein was born in Yokohama (Japan) and grew up in Basel. She studied communication science, economics, and labor law at the Universities of Basel and Zurich.

During her studies, she worked at UBS Vested Benefits Foundation in Basel and later in Sales Management in Zurich. She later spent several years doing radio journalism. At Basel’s private radio station, Radio Basilisk, Aileen Zumstein was a moderator and journalist. Whether science, politics, economy, society, sports, or the chemical industry closely associated with Basel: with her curiosity, she delved deeply into all topics and always conveyed clear and understandable information with a lot of passion. At that time, she was already interested in details and backgrounds; she therefore designed special formats such as different interview series with various Swiss personalities. Her interest in people and their individual strengths and own themes is expressed in each of her moderations. Always favoring the international community, she joined the global fashion company TALLY WEiJL after her journalistic activities, where she led Corporate Communications and was their spokesperson.

Before founding her company, Aileen Zumstein worked at Japan Tobacco International and was responsible for internal and external communications, where she led various international, national, and local communications projects. In addition, she was in charge of “Corporate Responsibility & Philanthropy”. As spokesperson for the Swiss market, she successfully led international, national, and local communication projects for JTI.

Languages: English, German, French, Italian (announcements, prepared presentations)