YouTube Marketing Expert, Video Creator, Digital Marketing, Found of Popgroup „Mr.President (Coco Jamboo)

Jens Neumann founded one of the most successful German music groups in 1993 with the Euro-Dance-Band Mr. President and accompanied it as a manager on its way to world fame. In 1990 he founded his company Jens Neumann Entertainment; in 2012 he founded ClipVilla, the smart IT solution for automated video content, and since 2016 he has been the owner of Playbook360, an agency for the conception, production and distribution of marketing videos. As a lateral thinker, free-minded and creative, he advises companies on multimedia storytelling. He works as a trainer for the ARD/ZDF media academy and 121Watt, as a lecturer he gives speeches at the universities of Bremen, Leipzig and Bochum. He has also been on the road as a speaker for Apple, Google and AIDA and created attention-grabbing content for Lipton Ice Tea and Lufthansa. For five years in a row, he has led the ranking of the best-rated speakers in the renowned “Meet Magento” format.

Jens Neumann – Lectures, keynotes and workshops (selection)

Unconventional, relentless, challenging. Motivating!

Jens Neumann Speaking Topics:

  • self-optimization
  • achievement
  • Video marketing and storytelling for companies
  • Video production for Youtube
  • social media content creation
  • music business

Ayyayaya, just do it, ayyayai.

Sometimes it is worth it to be cheeky.

Just do it. This is the attitude of Jens Neumann, successful band manager, company founder and Youtube marketing expert. He knows how to make “making simple” simple: Throughout his life he has accepted challenges where others reject them. He has self-taught himself about the lack of expertise in order to make progress. Recognized trends early – and even set some. Jens Neumann is the best example of how goals can be achieved if you approach them with the right mindset.

As manager of the Euro-Dance legend Mr. President (“Coco Jamboo”) he received more than 60 gold and platinum awards as well as an echo award. And made him a popular infotainer with his anecdotes and extensive knowledge and experience as a speaker for Apple, Google, AIDA, 121Watt, ARD/ZDF and other national and international greats on stage – to inspire his audience with exciting stories, unusual insights and in-depth know-how.

Put me up…

Dynamic lectures with inspiring messages.

Jens Neumann is creative, solution-oriented, authentic. But above all: empathic. He has sensors for his counterpart, he feels what it takes to reach them. And he uses this ability – which he perfected as an Apple speaker after Steve Jobs’ lecture school – to reach people and motivate them to new ways.

Feeling the mood was already helpful in his early years when he performed as a DJ in the nightclubs of this country. And nowadays he makes sure that he finds the right tone for his audience. Whether on the cruise ship, at the technical congress or in the lecture hall: no lecture is like the other, as the speaker and trainer relies on a dynamic concept with interactive elements. This turns his lectures into multimedia experiences consisting of music, videos and targeted messages that encourage and inspire people to tackle things themselves. Easy to make, against all odds.

…put my feet back on the ground…

If you want to be successful, you have to do it. Failure. Continue!

 Actually Jens Neumann had only one goal: to bring a band from Bremen to the top of the charts. In the early 1990s he travelled to New York with a record in his luggage, ran from label to label and against walls – until he had the decisive idea at the right moment. Everything else has been music history for a long time; a success story that has no equal.

But not everything always went smoothly. As the success with Mr. President fades away, Jens Neumann lands with both feet on the ground again. He reinvents himself – and returns to his roots, to video marketing. He identifies trends early on, takes over 360-degree support from conception to production and distribution, and now advises HR, marketing and PR departments of large companies on how to successfully advertise for their company with Youtube and social media moving image content and creative storytelling.

His example shows that there is always a way. Do, fail. Keep going! With the right attitude, a high willingness to learn and self-confident, self-reliant action, challenges become opportunities. And opportunities become successes. 

…and make me happy.

Authentic anecdotes, amusing and instructive.

 When Jens Neumann is on stage, it’s rock’n’roll. His lectures are unconventional, challenging, far away from the standard. And: they offer input that stays in your memory, that changes lastingly. With a mix of authentic anecdotes from his eventful life and informative, didactically valuable key facts, he creates new perspectives on the listener’s own life situation. And with practice-oriented Tipps it gives them the resources to the hand to make what they intend.