Markus Milla Zuefle is almost everything except ‘ordinary’. For a long time, however, this did not mean good things for the Munich native! Before he could call himself a speaker, author or communication trainer for people with speech inhibition, it was a challenging path between chronic pain and active mental exercise; between monosyllabic shyness and musical-poetic stage performances; between Realschule failure and Bavaria’s best Abitur.

With hat as trademark, stuttering as past and high sensitivity as ever-present companion, he now leads people with speech anxiety or speech disorder into an expressive and self-confident future!

Markus Milla Zuefle – possible lecture topics:

  • From stutterer to speaker: how every speech inhibition becomes solvable
  • Introverted Power: systematically to self-confidence & expressiveness
  • Expressiveness in front of the screen & camera: How to create an impact online
  • Creative rhetoric: The art behind small talk and repartee

But there is one thing the Amazon bestselling author can never quite let go of: namely, under his pseudonym lingo the poet, he transforms many a prosaic everyday topic into a word-playful work of rhyming art. This is how his huge fan base on YouTube loves him, to whom the songwriter and poetry slammer has been introducing the art of rhythm and rhyme since 2013 and with “Rap Manuscript” has created what is probably the most unusual handbook for poets and music artists.

After the diffuse clinical picture fibromyalgia and CFS tied him to bed, he was allowed to become a health and nutrition expert himself and used in particular the Ayurvedic as well as the Hermetic teachings. In the end, however, what helped him most was insight. Everything is a question of communication! And that starts with a constructive mindset!

In new energy, ex-fool Markus Milla Zuefle finally caught up after 15 years both the technical high school diploma and the general high school diploma – in each case with 1.0. Since then he holds lectures with suitable book also at schools about his unorthodox learning and communication methodology in the context of his “thought alchemy” – naturally with hat!

Want to book Markus Milla Zuefle as an eloquent trainer or speaker for your event? Lingo the poet – the man with the hat, is looking forward to your request.