Matthias Steiner is an Olympic, World & European weightlifting Champion. He is also a multiple German and Austrian champion.

He was awarded the title “Strongest Man in the World 2008 – 2012”. Today, Matthias Steiner is a successful food entrepreneur, author and speaker at meetings and conferences.

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Born in Vienna in 1982, the Austrian Matthias Steiner changed his nationality after disputes with his federation and competed for Germany at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.

  • Tearing, pushing, fight – my hard road to the top
  • Tearing, pushing, measuring – Winning the Olympics with diabetes is no sugar rush.

He wins gold in the Olympic total with 461 kilos and goes down in history. He is voted “Sportsman of the Year 2008”. His victory is one of the 10 most memorable moments in Olympic history. In 2022, he is inducted into the German Sports Hall of Fame.

But the road there is not an easy one: at the age of 18, the athlete is diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, an autoimmune disease, after recovering from the flu. Despite this, Matthias Steiner manages to become one of the world’s best weightlifters.

Whether it’s a motivational, nutritional or diabetes lecture – with his rousing, likeable and authentic manner, Matthias Steiner encourages people to take their lives into their own hands.

In 2013, Matthias Steiner ended his professional sports career and founded STEINERtainment GmbH together with his wife. Their work focuses on exercise and nutrition. Matthias Steiner himself lost 45 kilos after the end of his career and has maintained his weight ever since. He has written about his experiences in his two bestselling books “The Steiner Principle”. He is also a successful motivational speaker, as he knows how to motivate and inspire his audience with his authentic, charming manner.

As the topic of “conscious nutrition” moves him more and more, he founded STEINERfood GmbH in 2020. He develops and sells low-carb foods under the STEINER’s brand. His mission is to help people live healthier lives without having to give up anything.

Matthias Steiner is a professional in the field of diabetes, which is why he is often invited to medical conferences. Doctors attest that he knows more about dealing with the disease than many general practitioners. He himself has had type 1 diabetes since the age of 18 and therefore knows exactly what is good for the body and what is not. What applies to him applies to everyone: to stay healthy, we need to avoid blood sugar spikes.

As an expert in self-motivation, Matthias Steiner is now available for presentations. In these lectures, he talks about how he motivates himself to stick to his goal despite the many hurdles, how he deals with new challenges and how he finally manages to achieve his goal.

He relates his experiences from his sporting career to the demands of modern working life. In doing so, he motivates people to consistently realize their own potential. He also shows how to focus on a goal.

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Matthias Steiner, an idol for many people who, like him, have managed to become successful despite a stroke of fate. The dream of Olympic gold comes true through hard work, training, blood, sweat and tears. In his impressive presentations, Matthias Steiner talks about his life and how he made it to the top of the world. Book Matthias Steiner with The Premium Speakers Agency.