Simon Lehmann is a highly regarded, vibrant, emotional and authentic public speaker, who performs at all kind of different digital travel, vacation rental and network conferences around the world.

The digital tornado has hardly changed any industry as dramatic as the travel industry. How we dream about travelling, research and get inspired and how we book, experience and share our experiences. Travelling has become a privilege to our society and with the continuing globalization, available to an ever-growing global population. Who does not have the dream to explore this incredible planet and share his experiences with everyone?

Simon Lehmann has been in the global business since he started his career in the logistics and supply chain industry, later moved in to the world of airlines and ground handling, before he ended up in the travel industry. His main area of focus has been the private accommodation and vacation rental space, where he served as CEO of one of the world’s largest vacation rental company as well as on the board of Homeaway. Simon Lehmann holds a BBA from the GSBA, Zurich with the focus of sales and marketing. Before he founded his consulting company he served as the CEO of Phocuswright Inc in New York, which is the world’s most respected on-line travel research and conference company.

In addition to his corporate career, Simon Lehmann became a serial angel investor in various on-line travel startups with the main emphasis of short-term rental and online travel. Furthermore, he sits on a number of boards in various industries. Inspiring and leading teams, developing strategies and executing them are some of his passions, which he started to translate in to public speaking. His wealth of know-how allows him to wrap his speaking content with all the experiences he has made during his career.