Christof Schmid inspires every audience with the power of the story.

He shows in a vivid, entertaining and inspiring way how companies, self-employed people or managers can get to the heart of their unique story with a clear core message and thus create powerful images in people’s minds. In this way, you too can become a storyseller with your service or product and your company.

Would you like to learn more about the digitalisation of communication and current trends to make your company fit for the future?

As a speaker, Christof Schmid brings sustainable impulses and inspiration to the stage and helps you to continue to inspire more customers and qualified employees about you and your company with clarity and plain language, so that you are not left behind by the competition.

His story method is the essence of many years of communication experience for national and international companies such as Stage Entertainment or Twitter Germany and collaborations with story brands such as Disney or Cirque du soleil. He has worked with world stars such as Tina Turner, Phil Collins and Bryan Adams.

Christof Schmid Lecture Topics

  • The power of the story: Why you as an entrepreneur, self-employed person or manager should definitely use the power of the story and thus become a rousing storyseller without a lot of budget.

  • Communications goes Mittelstand: How you as a small or medium-sized business can tell a modern customer story and thus inspire more customers and qualified employees about your product, your service and your company in the future.

  • The Future of Comms: How digitalisation is changing communication and what you need to do now to avoid being left behind by your competitors in the future.