Prof. Dr. Christian Stummeyer is a sought-after keynote speaker, experienced management consultant and has worked in global corporations. He is himself a successful founder, e-commerce entrepreneur and professor of digital commerce and advises numerous large companies and medium-sized enterprises on the topics of digital strategy, e-commerce, artificial intelligence and digital transformation.

Prof. Dr. Christian Stummeyer – Expert for Digitalization – Lecture Topics:

The customer of the future – in B2C and B2B – understand, surprise, inspire

  • Success strategies for marketing and sales in the digital world
  • The 11 theses on the digital customer of the future – how to reach and win digital natives
  • Nudging and Convenient Commerce – how customers no longer realize they are buying
  • Predictive Selling – when the right product is simply waiting at the door

Megatrend AI – time travel of artificial intelligence

  • Artificial intelligence, a never-ending story – development, status quo, outlook
  • Application fields of AI in marketing and sales for better service and more turnover
  • AI application at the customer interface – current AI trends in retail and their revolutionary potential
  • Ethical decisions at the frontier of AI – does technology determine our fate?

Digital business models – success factors you should know about

  • How to recognize the pain points of your customers and develop a digital business model from them
  • How to become successful as a manufacturer or retailer with Amazon in B2C and B2B
  • How 7 success factors in your industry lead to long-term growth
  • How to find and develop the right talent for the working worlds of the future

Sales via online marketplaces

  • Successful product sales on Amazon, Alibaba, Mercateo & Co. for manufacturers and retailers
  • The right strategy for the right marketplaces in B2B and B2C online sales
  • Successfully implementing your own marketplace business

Prof. Dr. Christian Stummeyer – Keynote Speaker, Entrepreneur & Scientist

After studying business administration at the Georg-August University in Göttingen, he earned his doctorate at the Institute of Business Informatics there and started his entrepreneurial career at The Boston Consulting Group in Duesseldorf. After five years as a strategy consultant and project manager, he joined the executive circle at Siemens AG in Munich. There he gained international corporate experience and also worked for the technology group in New York, Dallas and London.

Since 2009, Prof. Dr. Christian Stummeyer has been an e-commerce entrepreneur himself and, as managing partner, played a key role in shaping the growth strategy of VON WILMOWSKY, a leading online retailer for premium designer furniture in the DACH region, for over five years. After joining the company’s advisory board, he was Managing Director at UDG United Digital Group, Germany’s largest digital agency, from 2014 to 2016, where he was responsible for the group’s entire management consulting business. His focus is on the development of digital strategies, e-commerce, consulting on sales and service processes, and the digital transformation of business models and companies.

Since 2016, Prof. Dr. Christian Stummeyer has held the professorship of “Business Informatics and Digital Commerce” at the Technical University of Ingolstadt. The focus of his teaching and research is on e-commerce, artificial intelligence and digital business. As the scientific director of AININ (“Artificial Intelligence Network Ingolstadt”), the Bavarian research center for artificial intelligence in Ingolstadt, he researches forward-looking approaches to strategically use artificial intelligence and machine learning in companies.

In over 500 presentations and keynotes already, he inspires and excites audiences with his strategic vision and digital and forward-looking ideas – on stage and online. His clients regularly include DAX corporations, medium-sized companies, large organizations and associations, and international congress organizers. In 2020, he was included in the league of the “Top 100 Excellent European Speakers” by Handelsblatt, and he is also a Professional Member of the GSA German Speakers Association, the second largest speakers’ association in the world.