Franca Lehfeldt is one of the ambitious capital city journalists and media personality of a new generation.

As former chief reporter for politics for RTL magazines and chief reporter and presenter for the news channel WELT, she became known throughout Germany. Today she is the owner of a communications and branding agency..

Franca Lehfeldt: “The European single market doesn’t work with a four-day week and from a home office.”

Franca Lehfeldt: Business, Economy, Politics & Society.

As a keynote speaker and panel participant, she knows her way around current topics of our time. As a moderator she knows the background of political Berlin and intervenes in socio-political debates in a pointed way.

Franca Lehfeldt, born in 1989, studied at the Glion Institute of Higher Education in Glion near Montreux in Switzerland after graduating from high school. She holds a bachelor’s degree (BBA) in International Hospitality Management and Development and Business Administration, as well as a master’s degree in Strategic Marketing from the International School of Management (ISM).

From 2017 to 2018, she attended the RTL School of Journalism while simultaneously starting to work at RTL as a reporter. In April 2021, she became “chief reporter politics magazines.” She worked for RTL News for five years, reporting on what was happening in the Chancellery and the Bundestag for RTL news programs. In 2022, she moved to the TV station WELT, where she was chief reporter for politics. There, together with Hendrik Streeck, she presented the TV magazine Welt Gesundheit.

Franca Lehfeldt: Book Author

Together with Nena Brockhaus, she published the book “Old Wise Men” – a tribute to an endangered species. An excerpt from the Spiegel bestseller: “Once upon a time, there was a world without gender stars, without Twitter shitstorms and without cautionary fingers. That was Germany before a moralizing zeitgeist rolled over the country. The modernization of the past decades has driven out some of the mustiness, but it has also exacted a price. Virtues such as the will to perform, willingness to make sacrifices, fulfillment of duty and discipline seem to be on the retreat. The personification of these values has been hit hard: the old white man. And while the men of the postwar generation are struggling to find their place in society, the prosperity of the country and its cohesion are at stake. On the brink. Coincidence? Or the consequence of a society that is plunged into identity debates?