In his lectures, seminars and workshops, he uses his own experience and knowledge as a competitive athlete in ice hockey and sales to impart practical ideas. First and foremost is the trust that people and companies have given him in various roles for 20 years. In which Marcus Kerti gives enthusiasm and shows people how to deal with emotions, pressure and stress differently. Above all, it is important to him to create understanding and offer solutions. Here he benefits from the fact that he says as he himself: Many things in his life was allowed to experience for himself. ”

Through his authentic and sympathetic manner, coupled with his expertise, his lectures are an experience and added value for every listener. For him, “fun” comes first with his “calling”. His goal is for people to believe again in their own strengths, which we all have inside us. Because then everyone can become the master of himself and enjoy his life to the fullest.

In addition to the lectures, Marcus Kerti works as a memotional® coach with top athletes, managers and professional clubs in Europe. The basis of this work is the dissolution of mental and emotional blockages that lead to stress.

Not to forget, because of his own family, children are very important to him. At events in schools, kindergartens, sports camps and social facilities, Marcus Kerti gives practical tips for the “little ones” – our future, so that these and their parents can progress.

Topics of Marcus Kerti


Emotions – her trampoline on the go to the sales star

Health / Medicine / Surgeries

The ideal dose of communication – how we can strengthen patients mentally and emotionally.


Emotions in sports curse or blessing? How can we use them profitably for us!

Employee health

Memotionale® Health – the influence of our thoughts and emotions

Leadership in business and sports

The memotional® way to pass
How to use mental and emotional components as an alternative leadership style.

Cooperation and communication as a recipe for success vs. One against all