Trends and Topics 2024

04. December 2023 – Oliver Stoldt

Politics, Society, Economy, Sports and the race for The White House in Washington – Trends and Topics 2024.

2024 will be a very exciting and eventful year with many sporting as well as political decisions. Three state elections in Germany, the European elections in June and the election of the new US President on November 5, 2024. And depending on how the political situation in Germany develops, there could even be an early federal election.

Top speakers for your event on the topics of economy & politics

Wolfgang Bosbach – former member of the Bundestag
Sigmar Gabriel – former Vice Chancellor & Foreign Minister
John Bercow – 157th Speaker of the House of Commons
Yanis Varoufakis – global economist & politician

Temporary heroes

The year 2024 will also be very interesting in terms of sport: the European Football Championship will take place in Germany from June 14 to July 14. And immediately afterwards the Olympic Games in Paris. Victories, medals and tinsel guaranteed. But where there are winners, there are unfortunately always failures and crashes.

Top speakers for your event on the topic of sport

Lothar Matthäus – record-breaking national soccer player
Monika Sattler – professional cyclist
Michael Gross – Olympic swimming champion
Kristina Vogel – Olympic champion & world champion
Andreas Kuffner – Olympic Champion Germany Eight
Kati Wilhelm – Olympic biathlon champion
René Adler – Footballer

The Run to the White House

On November 5, 2024, America will elect its next president. Who will move into the White House in Washington? Will Joe Biden remain President of the United States or will Donald Trump make a comeback? And what consequences will this have for the global political situation? What will happen on the stock markets and how will the economy prepare and adjust to this scenario?

Top speakers for your event on the topic of politics in America

Julius van de Laar – Campaign manager for the election of Barack Obama
Josef Braml – USA expert
Sandra Navidi – US stock market & economic expert
Pascal Weber – USA & Middle East expert
Tobias Endler – Political scientist & Americanist

Energy, economy & sustainability

The ongoing escalation in Ukraine and the attacks in Israel show us how fragile peace is. And the impact it has on our economic system: high energy costs, rising inflation and the cost of rent and living. It is becoming increasingly difficult for SMEs to make investments and find employees. For many large companies, competitiveness is at stake. The issues of sustainability, ESG and CSR are being pushed into the background as economic challenges pile up. Although these are the topics of the future par excellence, “Heat or Eat” is the first thing on people’s agendas.

Top experts for your event on the topics of energy, economy & sustainability

Lamia Messari-Becker – Expert on sustainability in construction
Marcel Fratzscher – President DIW Berlin
Monika Schnitzer – Chairwoman of the German Council of Economic Experts
Hans-Werner Sinn – Economist
Daniel Stelter – Economist
Melati Wijsen – Sustainability – Bye Bye Plasticbags
Ueli Maurer – Former Swiss Minister of Finance

Society & Health

Society is changing rapidly and many people are finding it difficult to cope with the pressure. The result is mental health problems and depression. Uncertainty in politics, uncertainty at work and uncertainty about one’s own standing in society are making people ill. More and more young people have also built up little resilience and are falling victim to the disease. Mental health and psychological safety are essential if companies are to be able to count on healthy employees.

Top speakers for your event on the topic of mental health

Daniela Landherr – Psychological safety & teamwork
Eva Elisa Schneider – Mental health in the workplace
Eva Schulte-Austum – Culture of trust in the workplace
Holger Stromberg – Healthy eating in the workplace
Dietrich Grönemeyer – Responsibility for body, mind & soul

The (entrepreneurial) world in transition

How can we support companies in mastering the challenges of the future and shaping the transformation into a new entrepreneurial, economic and socio-political era? What will the workplace of the future look like? What do trend researchers and analysts tell us? Why do we need guidance and thought leaders for the energy transition, sustainable construction and a new type of mobility? What will the city centers of the future look like – lively or extinct? What is the digital transformation doing to us? How do we develop mental resilience? How do we deal with defeat? Can artificial intelligence save the economy or will everything just become faster and more efficient?

Top speakers for your event on the topics of innovation, future & technology

Pascal Kaufmann – thought leader on artificial intelligence
Jitske Kramer – Corporate culture
Inma Martinez – Elected Chairwomen G7/OECD on AI
Stefan Carsten – Future of Mobility
Maks Giordano – Innovation & Economy
Peter Hacker – Expert Cybersecurity & Risk Management
Thomas Zurbuchen – What entrepreneurs can learn from space travel

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