Christian Wehner is an expert in creativity and innovation. He supports companies in breaking down old thought patterns and acting more creatively in order to stay one step ahead of the competition.

At the age of 15, Christian left secondary school without graduating. His rapid ascent to the position of Senior Director Innovation Strategy at the global company SAP is all the more remarkable. As a LinkedIn TopVoice in the “Creativity” and “Innovation” realms, he authentically reaches a broad audience.

Before joining SAP, he played a role in building Red Bull’s media business, spent six years in the radio industry, and is fluent in the agile language of start-ups. As one of the first ten full-time employees at the third-fastest-growing technology company in 2016, Christian experienced firsthand what it means to bootstrap a globally operating startup.

Christian honed his speaking skills under the guidance of BJ Bartlett, the personal presentation coach of Steve Jobs.

Christian Wehner lecture topics

  • Be a factor, not an actor!

How can you respond when it’s no longer enough to claim that you’re funny but must actually make people laugh? What can leaders and teams expect as research and promises come true, and the elbows of competition are exchanged for emotional and social intelligence?

Because change is universal, not just digital.

The new “Age of Transparency” is currently reshaping our society, our understanding of values, culture, and technology—in short, our mindset.

  • How can one see the world through the eyes of children again?
  • How do you encourage teams to share wild ideas?
  • How do I achieve an empowering “YES, AND” mentality instead of the learned “Yes, BUT” mentality?

The goal is to empower the audience to stay one step ahead of the competition through innovative thinking and creative moves. Christian demonstrates in a playful and humorous way how companies can create an environment where innovations and progress are seen not as obstacles but as extraordinary opportunities.

  • A collaborative mindset in the transparency revolution

In a world characterized by constant change, the traditional competitive mindset is increasingly being replaced by a “collaborative mindset”. Christian Wehner takes you on a fascinating journey through the future of collaboration. The guiding principle is: “Be a factor, not an actor!” – A call to actively shape and participate in a sustainable transformation.

One of the central pillars of this process is transparency. In a world that demands more than just promises, the motto will be: “Don’t tell me that you’re funny, make me laugh!” – A call for measurable action and real change.

Christian takes a look into the future where competitive elbows will be replaced by emotional and social intelligence. The challenge is to prepare leaders and teams to operate in a new age of transparency that is reshaping not only corporate culture, but also our society and technology.

  • With interactive elements that connect the audience.
  • Hands-on examples from practice.
  • Lively narrative style with strong storytelling that sticks.

This inspiring keynote will set the course for sustainable collaboration.

Christian Wehner’s presentation style: His journey illustrates that non-linear career paths and a playful, curious, and creative mindset can lead to success. The intelligent interplay of humor and depth in his approach vividly demonstrates how we can face the future with a healthy dose of curiosity and creativity.z

Customer feedback:

“Christian’s energy is a mix of enthusiasm, optimism, charisma and powerful insight. When Christian speaks, the audience does not only listen – but also gets inspired to be a better version of themselves. Don’t miss a chance to see him in action!”Thiankai Feng – Head of Product data governance @ Adidas

“Christian is simply awesome. His presentations are vibrant, bursting with creativity and have a sense of humor. Nevertheless, they have substance and convey fact-based information about what it takes to succeed in the changing workplace. We all learned a lot and would book him again and again.”Anna Kopp – IT Director Germany (CIO/CDO) @ Microsoft

“Whoever wants to know how long the present lasts or when the future begins – he will not get the absolute truth by anyone. But every individual can shape the here and now as a continuous new beginning of our future. Humanity, relationships and experiences will play the most important role in this process. If you want to be inspired to reflect in a charismatic, authentic and emphatic way, you should get Christian on board!”Marleen Leyk – Project Manager HR Strategy and Innovation/Porsche AG

Oliver Stoldt' opinion on Christian Wehner
Christian Wehner stands for innovation, creativity and, as a result, new strategies for business models for a new world of work. Christian Wehner's presentations and workshops are an enrichment for companies and teams. His lively narrative style paired with strong storytelling ensures that the ideas and inputs reach the participants. Book Christian Wehner for presentations & workshops with Premium Speakers.